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June 19th, 2009
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How can you take full advantage of your MP4


NOTE: When Charging the MP4 Player, be sure to have the ON/OFF switch at the ON position, and the GREEN light of the Charger should light up.

English / French Version Manual
(PDF Format)

Mac User Click Here

Download Tel Book Software Here
Download Movies Converter Here
Download Windows 98 Driver Here

Q: How do I find the games on my MP4 expandable?

A: Games are located on the CD which came with the product.

  1. Place CD in your computer
  2. Go to My Computer
  3. Locate your CD Drive
  4. Select the games folder on your CD

Q: How do I use the Phone Book Function on the MP4 player?
A: To Use the Phone Book function you must first download the Tel Book Software Herebet98 and then follow these steps:

  1. Download the program Here
  2. “save” the program to your computer (choose a file location)
  3. Run the "telbook.exe" program
  4. Input the information then click "Add", this will add a new record.
  5. Click "Save" after finish inpuyou have finished inputting your records
  6. Connect your MP4 to your computer and turn it on
  7. locate the file call "Telbook.bin" (this is where you saved your records) and copy it into the MP4 player (Removable Disk)
  8. Detach your MP4 player from the computer. Turn on the MP4 player go to "Phone Book" press "Menu" 2 times
  9. Select "Import Tel File" Press "Menu"
  10. Select "Yes" at the "Confirm" window and press Menu again. You will see a message “importing”
  11. Your phone book files should be now imported into your MP4 player. Press PLAY at file and it will open the details.

Q: All the menu options are displayed in an unknown language. How do I change everything back to English?
bet98 A: To reset the language settings to English mode, perform the following steps carefully:

  1. Turn on mp4 player. Wait for the menu screen to load.
  2. Press "Next" or "Back" button until you see three circular gears and a wrench tool symbol on the top of the screen. In English mode this is the "SYS Setup" menu.
  3. Press "MENU" button to enter "Systems Setup" screen. Go to the fourth option from the top (press "Next" button three times) and press "Menu" again. In English mode, you have now entered "Language" selection screen.
  4. Press "Next" once to highlight the second available language mode from the top of the list (i.e. English) and press "MENU" to select "English". Your screen will now show menus and options in English.
  • Download from a online music store.
    1. Download online music to your computer Hard Drive.
    2. Connect your MP4 Player to your computer.
    3. Open Window Media Player 10. Select from “Programs” in Start Menu. Or you may download from
    4. Select the “Sync” option.
    5. From the drop down on the right, select “Removable Disk”.
    6. From the drop down on the left, select “All Music”. Now you should see all the music files on your computer.
    7. Select the songs you like to download, and click “Start Sync”.

  • Download Music From a Music CD
    1. Insert the Music CD into your CD-drive
    2. Open Window Media Player 10. Select from “Programs” in Start Menu. Or you may download from
    3. Select the "Rip" option. Now you should see the list of songs form your CD
    4. Select the songs you like to rip from the CD
    5. Click "Rip Music" and wait for Ripping process to finish
    6. Now you should find your songs in "My Music" (this is a folder in “My Documents”).
    7. Connect your MP4 Player to your computer. Copy and Paste the songs to your MP4 player.

To Upload Movies to MP4:

    bet98Note: The MP4 use only AMV format movies file. Please use the “AMV Convert Tool” software provided from the Software CD to change movies into AMV format.

    1. Open “AMV Convert Tool”
    2. Click the “Add file” button to the right of the “Input File”. Find the movie file you like to convert.
    3. Click the “AMV path” button to the right of the “Output File”. Choose were you like the Output files to be located. (Make sure you remember so you can find it later).
    4. Click the “Begin” Button,
    5. Connect your MP4 Player to your computer. Copy and Paste the AMV movies files to your MP4 player.

For MAC users:

  • To Enable for MAC please the following steps:
    1. Go into your iTunes application
    2. Go on to FILE/ PREFERENCES
    3. At Preferences go to “import”
    4. When you are import go into import using… mode and select “MP3”
    5. Click OK and ave your settings. Now anything you import will be saved in MP3 format.
    Put a CD into your Apple. Click the CD at the left side and the songs will appear. Select the songs you wish to import to your library and hit “import CD” The songs will copy into your library HD. Plug in your MP4 player and it will be recognized as a removeable hard drive called “no Name”. Select and open this window. Select your Music on the HD and go to your library. Select only those songs with the MP3 format assigned to it (You just copied some songs) Just select and drag them into the MP4.


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