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June 19th, 2009
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Tek2Go Mini Hifi Stereo System

Q. I have put together the stereo and tried to play a CD, but the window only displays "CD Read" then "No Disc". .

. Firstly make sure that the protective CD sleeve that the stereo system comes with is removed when setting up. The best guess is dirt on the optical pickup head. A cd-cleaner disc should be tried to see if it rectifies the problem. If that does not work, the other possibility is that the specific disc that the unit does not read is either not fully in conformity with the cd-audio or cd-rom standards. Some cd-players (especially older units) will play such discs but the newer chips will not. Test some other discs in the unit to see it the unit refuses to play other discs, to check if that's the problem. Another possibility is that the disc is slightly scratched. Some units can handle some scratches better than others. Again, try playing another cd to see it the unit plays normally, or if it behaves the same way for all cd discs. Beyond these, the other possibilities are all related to damaged or defective components, which could have occurred for a variety of reasons.


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